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What is a wall portrait?

because Kodak told us YEARS AGO an 8×10 is an enlargement…

…we think that if an 8×10 is an enlargement than anything bigger must be ginormous, right???

There is this fear that comes with buying large sizes of our children for our walls. We hear numbers like 16×20 and think…wow, that had to be huge and you stick with the size you are familiar & comfortable with - the 5×7 and 8×10. Then you see a 16×20 in person..and it’s not as big as you THOUGHT, especially when you see it to scale on your wall. One of the most common comments I get from my clients that don’t go with my suggestion of a larger size is “I wish I would have gone bigger!”

I am not a pushy salesperson – it’s not in my nature. If someone is convinced that an 8×10 will look great on their wall then no matter what I say will convince them to go larger. BUT I will admit that I have never had a client who ordered a beautiful wall portrait or storyboard come back to me and say “I wish I wouldn’t have ordered it so big”.

Let’s be honest, 5×7′s and 8×10′s are meant to be replaced, let’s why they are categorized as gift portraits. You purchase a frame to swap out the portrait on a regular basis or to put it in a box. The money you spent isn’t a total waste – you still have the memory sake, but you are spending money that is going to wind up in a carbboard box.

The larger the portrait – the more it pulls you in! It captivates you. It calls you to linger and absorb every detail. With an 8×10 you can take it all in with just a glance. You miss the details and it doesn’t pull at your heart the same way. I’d rather have one 24×30 of my child than 5 8×10′s ANY DAY! Just come and look at my walls. Everyone that comes in stops and stares at all the beautiful wall portraits I have hanging and comments on how captivating they are.

Consider this your encouragement to go larger…just think about it!:)

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